Tuesday, December 9, 2008

McSorley's: A little 7th Street nostalgia, perhaps?

Not really. In fact, despite having lived on the same block for a semester, and despite its landmark/tourist atrraction status, I haven't actually gone inside. Of course, I've walked by it enough times to recognize the unmistakable scent of stale hops, musk and urine wafting out the door at all times and to develop a patience for the Midwesterners taking each others' photos in front of the doorway. It's fun though, to have such a quirky landmark on my block- oldest bar in NYC, one of the last "Men's Only" pubs (until 1970), and I do take a certain pleasure out of getting to walk by such an NYC time capsule on my way to class every day.

It almost draws my attention away from the perma-shadow cast upon it by the East Village "bee hive", across the street. And whatever we may associate with McSorley's, I think we all gotta hand it to them for their X-Mas cheer (which I am all about).

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Paul said...

There you go again about the midwest...