Sunday, May 24, 2009

Back in the New Apple

You know how sometimes after holding your hands together in a certain way for a while, and then after separating them for a moment, you then can't figure how to find that comfortable grip you had just a moment before? Still trying to find that comfortable grip I guess. This was funny though. 14th St/Union Square L Platform.

Monday, January 5, 2009

what the heck 7-11?

you don't even sell beer.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

On a lighter note...

I hadn't been up on Danny's roof since last summer when I would go up there quite often, so last night when upon realizing that I wouldn't get a chance to see it before going to Paris, I had to do one last visit. And what a truly picturesque visit it was - both emotional and beautiful! I was able to take one last glimpse of his now snow-covered roof, before putting an end to this chapter of my college life. Hmm.

Horrible, HORRIBLE subway ads

I've seen my fair share of annoying ads on the subway. A few that come to mind are: the Asian cheerleader on the Learn English ads, the Latino-focused law firm whose phone number is listed as 1-800-MARGARITA and those stupid Jameson ads that tell you there's nine wrong ways to swipe a Metrocard, but no wrong way to enjoy a Jameson (there's actually fifteen wrong ways to swipe a Metrocard).

However, there is no subway ad campaign that makes me more spiteful of capitalism (or something in that general domain) than the current series of Bank of America ads, which advertise the $10 that they will give you for every $100 you spend on transit. The inspiration behind the ads is that their offer comes as SUCH a relief to the 'average New Yorker', that it makes these 'average New Yorkers' wonder what other 'New York' frustrations Bank of America might be able to address (assuming, I guess, that people really can't stand paying as much as they do for subway fares). Although I've actually wanted to do a post on these ads all semester, it wasn't until last night that I happened to spot them on a relatively empty J train going over the Williamsburg bridge last night. Here's the first of the two I shot. You should be able to understand pretty easily what I find so creepy about them:

Man, lemme tell ya- those studios below 23rd Street = SO EXPEN$IVE. City life sure comes at its price!


How can Bank of America/MTA be so indiscriminate about the placement of their ads? I'm not going to go into why this ad makes them seem so clueless about 'average New York life' (if there even is such a thing), but given that they are, why would they let everyone on the subway know about it? And if they're going to put in on the subway, why put in on the J, which makes a total of about 6 stops inside Manhattan, before it horseshoes back into Brooklyn on both ends. This seems like an ad more appropriate MAYBE for Times Square, though it probably would be most suitable in Disney World, or anywhere that people wouldn't realize how manufactured and implausible the idea of complaining about housing prices "below 23rd street" is.

And then there's this one (unfortunately didn't come out quite as well. I was trying not to weird this woman out to much). Apparently this chap here with the long hair would do just ANYTHING for 'cabbies' these days not to give a hard time about crossing into the DMZ known as Brooklyn. Poor guy I guess will have to settle for taking the J instead...

Uch.. fuckers.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Being fartsy

Who needs summer when you have finals week?

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

McSorley's: A little 7th Street nostalgia, perhaps?

Not really. In fact, despite having lived on the same block for a semester, and despite its landmark/tourist atrraction status, I haven't actually gone inside. Of course, I've walked by it enough times to recognize the unmistakable scent of stale hops, musk and urine wafting out the door at all times and to develop a patience for the Midwesterners taking each others' photos in front of the doorway. It's fun though, to have such a quirky landmark on my block- oldest bar in NYC, one of the last "Men's Only" pubs (until 1970), and I do take a certain pleasure out of getting to walk by such an NYC time capsule on my way to class every day.

It almost draws my attention away from the perma-shadow cast upon it by the East Village "bee hive", across the street. And whatever we may associate with McSorley's, I think we all gotta hand it to them for their X-Mas cheer (which I am all about).

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Thanksgiversday!

Guys we made it to Thanksgiving! This one slut I know told me that she thinks I'm losing my steam with this, so I'm going to try to put a little bit more of my voice into future posts. But for now, y'all are going to have to settle with this picture of a VERY crowded Penn Station earlier today (WEdnesday, Thanksgiving Eve). Crrrazy.